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King Edward 1 wrote in1296 to William de Kerdeston, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, to ask him what detriment it would be to any person if he granted leave to Jeffrey of Yarmouth to build a bridge over the river at St.Olaves Priory.
We learn of Siseck, a fisherman who became known as John atte ferry, and carried passengers for several years and received bread, herrings and 20 shillings a year. His son William earned 30 shillings a year. His son Ralph had bread, corn, and collected strangers money. The Prior of Toft hindered the passengers so Ralph purchased a passage through the priorís marsh, with a fleet on either side. He bought from the commoners for 12 shillings per year a way through the common, the commoners were then ferried free. He earned £10 per year. His brother John, by now earning £12 per year sold the rights to Robert de Ludham. A bridge was started but not finished in a durable manner. Among the patents of Henry V is one for building a bridge between Norfolk and Suffolk at St.Tholowes Ferry.

Eventually a bridge was built by Sir James Hobart, and paid for by his wife Dame Margaret in 1706. This lasted until 1770, when the Council paid for a new one.
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