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History of Herringfleet and St. Olave's

This set of pages is based on "A thousand years of village history - Herringfleet, Suffolk, by the Revd. Dr. Edward C. Brooks, Rector of Somerleyton and Ashby with Herringfleet from 1969 to 1983, and author of "Sir Samuel Morton Peto".

For the purpose of this study the area covered is the old pre-1974 parish of Herringfleet which included the area known as St. Olaves, the site of the Priory. In 1801 the acreage was 1282 acres and 47 acres of waste and rand. There is really no village,

but isolated crops of houses. The parish lies about 8 miles from Lowestoft and 7 from Gt. Yarmouth and both sides of the B1074 from Somerleyton to St. Olaves Bridge. Its population (pre-1974) was on average about 260.

Herringfleet, Suffolk - A thousand years of village history

Pre-history and Herringfleet Church

Saxon period and the Church

Medieval period and the Ferry

The Bridges, 1496 - 1847

The Medieval Manors
The Manor pf Loudham & Titshall
Known Lords of the Manor of Loudham and Titshall
Sir Thomas Medowe
Priors of St. Olaves

15th and 16th centuries
The Jernegam Tudor Mansion
The Platt of Lothingland 1584
Lords of the manor of the later Priory
The Church of St. Margaret, Herringfleet
Church Terriers
Lay Rectprs
17th century"
Ship Money Returns. 1639/40. Herringfleet
Hearth Tax Retirms. 1674. Herringfleet
Later history
*Boundary Changes
Education. The Merry Bequest
New scheme for the Merry Trust (Bequest)
Parish Meeting
Enclosure 1813
The Railway comes to St. Olaves - and goes
Some Interesting Buildings in the Parish
Manor Farm House
Pond Farm
Blocka Hall Farm
St. Margaret's
Bridge Stpres
B;acksmith's Shop
Priory Cottage
St Olave's Priory
Abeey Farm
The Herringfleet Mills
Wartime Herringfleet
Mallett's Mill
New building at St. Olaves

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